Before You Game

What To Expect

A group storytelling adventure, with the GM narrating the framework of the story and players providing the detail and often the direction. We aim for an inclusive opportunity where people with a variety of gaming experience, inexperience, and perspectives can come together to tell the tale of their adventurers.

What To Bring

Yourself. Please do not bring friends or family unless they have also signed up for a spot at the table. Exceptions to this are made on a case-by-case basis.

An open and willing attitude to try something new.

Snacks or beverages. Many gamers like to snack while playing, and will often bring enough to share. Please follow the basic rule that if you did not bring anything to share, do not partake of snacks brought by others to share.

Pencils or Dice. We can and will provide both, but feel free to bring your own.

Things To Keep In Mind

We’ll be in pretty close quarters for several hours, so try to keep body/breath odor to a minimum. Deodorant and gum are your friends.

Review the Social Contract and bear in mind we reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who is actively detracting from the enjoyment of others at the table.

No one needs to master the system before gaming. We’ll go over system rules, but feel free to peruse a general description of the system.

We will provide pre-made characters or, if appropriate, we will indicate that you can bring characters that appeared in previous sessions.