About this Group

What We Do

Simply put, we bring new adult gamers into the hobby of tabletop role-playing games and provide experienced gamers with a hectic schedule an opportunity to still game when they can.

Games are fun, friendly, and require minimal commitment. If you try it once and didn’t enjoy it as much as you thought you might we won’t be offended if you decline to play again. On the other hand, if you loved it there will always be future games.

Our approach to games is that it is a group storytelling adventure, with the GM as narrator. No question is stupid, no level of experience is better than another, and no one person is more important or valuable than another.

How It Works

Keep track of upcoming game sign-ups via the calendar. When you see a game that appeals to you, go to the link to sign up. Each game will have 4-6 slots, with 1-2 alternates in case of cancellations. If there is a cancellation, we will email the first person on the alternate list to confirm their interest. You’ll have 24 hours to respond, after which we will approach the next alternate.

We’ll be running a variety of systems and setting different tones for each game from funny and slapstick to twisted horror. Each signup will give more detailed information as to the mood and theme of the game, as well as the system used, and any additional expectations for the table.

Our Games Are Not…

LARPing sessions—we don’t do costumes, or physically act out scenes. Alternate voices and gesticulations are welcome, but try to keep your bottom in your seat.

Ritualistic magic or witchcraft—the hobby has a sadly mistaken reputation for being involved in devil worship or other occult shenanigans. Most expressly forbidden are goat or virgin sacrifices, however, sacrificial offerings of Reeses are rumored to please the GM.

Purely a social hour—we assume that you can hang out with friends any other time, but at the table we’re there to tell a story together. Admittedly, even the GM has been known to squirrel pretty hard, but we do try to keep it on track.

For kids—this is an 18+ social activity. Even setting aside the crass language and adult themes, there are social and/or legal responsibilities we are not willing to shoulder for minors to participate. If there are any questions on this, feel free to ask! Any exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis and with full transparency with the group.