Commission for the Regulation of the Paranormal, Rare, and Supernatural (CRPRS)

Fires in Felicity

Official After-Action Task Report

Date(s) of Task:


Location of Incident(s):

Felicity, IN

Agents Assigned to Task:

082, 102, 619, 977

Threat, Object, or Person of Interest:

Unexplained Spontaneous Combustion

Executive Summary:

Agents reported to Felicity, IN in response to several unexplained reports of spontaneous combustion. Upon arrival and after questioning witnesses, it became apparent that one particular local youth was dabbling in demonic summoning. Further investigation demonstrated that the youth’s family was also involved, although to what extent could not be established. A handwritten “Necronomicon for Dummies” book was found in the youth’s bedroom, deemed too dangerous to transport, and destroyed on site.

Final Disposition of Threat:

Draconic demon summoned by the youth’s actions destroyed via holy water on the 8th 7th floor of the local hospital

Recommended Further Actions:

Agency should secure, isolate, and neutralize possible paranormal gateways in the following locations:
* Abandoned warehouse at [REDACTED]
* Basement of Havre household, [REDACTED] St.

Items of Interest in the Evidence Locker:

* #FF-051416 Scroll scraps found in taxidermied animals at Havre household

Submitted By:

Delta, Agent 082



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